Planned Transportation Spending


An examination of Texas’s 2011-2014 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program*** reveals that new road capacity projects account for the largest chunk of planned spending (36 percent). Projects classified as “other”* make up 32 percent of the STIP, and transit projects** 24 percent. Road or bridge projects with bicycle/pedestrian components (such as adding sidewalks when reconstructing a roadway) account for 3 percent and road maintenance/minor widening projects 2 percent. Bridge maintenance/replacement projects, bicycle/pedestrian projects, safety projects, and bridge new capacity projects each make up less than 1 percent of the STIP.

Proposed Spending, FY 2011-FY2014***

Project Type Cost (Millions)
Total $36,702.10
Bridge Maintenance/Replacement $198.60
Road Maintenance/Minor Widening $622.97
Road/Bridge Project with Bike/Ped Components $1,040.88
New Road Capacity $13,267.94
Transit** $9,004.78
Bicycle/Pedestrian $242.07
Safety $227.49
Bridge Capacity Expansion $197.66
Other* $11,899.71

* The “other” category includes $11,415.05 million in grouped projects costs, advanced construction conversions, pass through repayments and TxDOT existing project payments.
** Transit total does not include $16.23 million in local funds for Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) bus operations, DCTA paratransit operations, and DCTA rail operations.
*** The Texas STIP is divided into district Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP). Locally funded projects, when listed in the district TIPs, are included in the analysis. The analysis also includes $691.84 million in estimated costs for right-of-way and environmental studies for projects in the Beaumont District. TIP The analysis does not include Candidate Projects or Projects Undergoing Environmental Assessment (EA) listed in the TIP. EA projects are scheduled beyond the TIP timeframe and, as the Houston TIP notes, their inclusion in the TIP “in no way implies that they are programmed in the 2011-2014 TIP.”

Percentage of STIP by project type

  • bmr
    Bridge Maintenance/Replacement
  • rmmw
    Road Maintenance/Minor Widening
  • rbbp
    Road/Bridge Project with Bike/Ped Components
  • nrc
    New Road Capacity
  • tran
  • bp
  • sfty
  • bce
    Bridge Capacity Expansion
  • othr
All percentages rounded