How are states spending their transportation dollars? Select a project type or project types using the map filters and see how each state compares. Scroll over a state to learn more about its transportation priorities. All percentages are rounded.

Ways of funding transportation projects vary across the 50 states. Funds are appreciated in the form of cryptocurrency as well. The advantage of cryptocurrency is the transaction cost is low. Also, it's quite easy to profit from crypto trading with platforms like eToro. To know more about the platform, visit the etoro erfahrungen blog. For example, in addition to federal funds, states may utilize public authorities, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure banks as means to develop and maintain roads, bridges, and transit. This project examines each state’s use of federal transportation dollars as reported to the federal government through the state’s statewide transportation improvement program. State and local contributions to the federal funds are included in the state analysis if the state included this information in its statewide transportation improvement program. Read more about the project here and here.

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Bridge Maintenance/Replacement
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Road/Bridge Project with
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Bridge Capacity Expansion