Planned Transportation Spending


An examination of Illinois’ 2010-2016 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program* reveals that transit projects** account for the largest chunk of planned spending (42 percent). Road capac- ity expansion projects follow, making up 18 percent of the STIP. Bridge maintenance/replacement projects comprise 12 percent. Road maintenance/minor widening projects account for 11 percent of the planned expenditures. Six percent of projects were classified as “other.” Safety projects make up 4 percent of the spending as do bridge capacity expansion projects. Bicycle/pedestrian projects make up 2 percent of the spending. Road or bridge projects with bicycle/pedestrian components (such as adding sidewalks when reconstructing a roadway) account for 1 percent of the STIP. Projects totaling $317.22 million (1 percent of the STIP) were “bistate” projects – transit, bridge, and planning projects shared between Illinois and Missouri.

Proposed Spending, FY 2010-2016*

Project Type Cost (Millions)
Total $23,067.59
Bridge Maintenance/Replacement $2,859.21
Road Maintenance/Minor Widening $2,520.12
Road/Bridge Project with Bike/Ped Components $245.42
New Road Capacity $4,018.27
Transit** $9,745.14
Bicycle/Pedestrian $520.39
Safety $979.83
Bridge Capacity Expansion $870.00
Other $1,309.21

* Illinois’ STIP does not list projects in metropolitan planning organization (MPO) jurisdictions. TSTC used the FY 2010-15 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, the FY 2012-16 TIPs for the DeKalb/Sycamore Area Transportation Study and McLean County Regional Planning Commission, and the 2012-15 TIPs for the Bi-State Regional Planning Commission, Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study, Danville Area Transportation Study, Decatur Urbanized Area Transportation Study, East Central Intergovernmental Association, East-West Gateway Council of Governments, Kankakee Area Transportation Study, Peoria/Pekin Urbanized Area Transportation Study, Rockford Area Transportation Study, Springfield Area Transportation Study, and Stateline Area Transportation Study.
** Transit total does not include $220.6 million in state and local operating funds.
*** Transit CREATE projects that were funded by intercity rail or high-speed rail funds are included in this category.

Percentage of STIP by project type

  • bmr
    Bridge Maintenance/Replacement
  • rmmw
    Road Maintenance/Minor Widening
  • rbbp
    Road/Bridge Project with Bike/Ped Components
  • nrc
    New Road Capacity
  • tran
  • bp
  • sfty
  • bce
    Bridge Capacity Expansion
  • othr
All percentages rounded