Planned Transportation Spending


An examination of Maryland’s 2011-2015 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program* reveals that road maintenance/minor widening projects** account for the largest chunk of the planned spending (40 percent). Transit projects follow, comprising 28 percent. New road capacity projects make up 23 percent of the STIP. Bridge maintenance/replacement projects account for 4 percent, and projects classified as “other”*** make up 3 percent. Safety projects and bicycle/pedestrian projects follow, at 1 percent each. Bridge capacity expansion projects make up less than 1 percent of the planned spending, as do road or bridge projects with bicycle/pedestrian components (such as adding sidewalks when reconstructing a roadway).

Proposed Spending, FY 2010-FY2015*

Project Type Cost (Millions)
Total $11,107.00
Bridge Maintenance/Replacement $421.30
Road Maintenance/Minor Widening** $4,453.48
Road/Bridge Project with Bike/Ped Components $43.12
New Road Capacity $2,534.32
Transit $3,101.72
Bicycle/Pedestrian $83.97
Safety $147.98
Bridge Capacity Expansion $32.28
Other*** $288.83

* Maryland’s 2011-2015 STIP is comprised of projects listed in its 2010-2015 Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP), and provides project costs for the six years. TSTC used all six years of project costs for this analysis. TSTC used five sections of the CTP for the analysis: The Secretary’s Office, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit, Maryland Transit Administration, Maryland Transportation Authority, and State Highway Administration.
** 98% of this category is from line items identified as "Safety, Congestion Relief and Community Enhancements," "Other System Preservation," and "System Preservation and Minor Projects." These categories were classified as road maintenance/minor widening, but projects in this category may fall into categories such as new road capacity, bicycle/pedestrian improvements and safety improvements.
*** This category includes $46.5 million in line items called "capital salaries, wages and other costs."

Percentage of STIP by project type

  • bmr
    Bridge Maintenance/Replacement
  • rmmw
    Road Maintenance/Minor Widening
  • rbbp
    Road/Bridge Project with Bike/Ped Components
  • nrc
    New Road Capacity
  • tran
  • bp
  • sfty
  • bce
    Bridge Capacity Expansion
  • othr
All percentages rounded